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The Maturepreneur Maverick

In 2020 Jannette was blindsided by the impact of ageism. While not used to being invisible (have you noticed the blue hair?) she was repeatedly and pointedly ignored at a business conference… and she wasn’t alone. So was every other woman over 60 and some of the men. Curious, she started to investigate and became impassioned about changing the status quo for what she calls, Maturepreneurs™!

As a business development expert with over 40 years of strategic planning, sales and marketing experience, she feels like she is really hitting her stride now at 64! 

She has been a corporate trainer, taught for universities and colleges, and done her time in the corporate trenches in roles ranging from print-shop press-operator to V.P. Professional Services for a Canadian Fortune 500 company. She’s had four iterations of her own business (including an event planning business) and knows the ins-and-outs of growing from start-up to a seven-figure established enterprise.

Her first, last and only true love is working with entrepreneurs on identifying, claiming, and positioning their value so they can make a meaningful difference AND a magnificent living. Having experienced ageism first-hand, and knowing the incredible value the ‘Wisdom Workforce’ possesses, she is determined to create a global platform for those who are Too Inspired To Retire!™

Jannette Anderson

Nelda Schulte - Founding Partner

Nelda Schulte

Nelda's professional journey encompasses a diverse array of experiences, ranging from corporate training, classical singing and opera to life management skills coaching, career counseling, educational project management, learning and development coordination, and real estate investing/property management. 

Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her through various small businesses, including teaching music, managing a spa, overseeing a property management venture, and providing consulting services in education and presentations.

In every endeavor, Nelda has brought a unique blend of skills and expertise. As a seasoned entrepreneur, she has successfully navigated multiple ventures, leaving an indelible mark on each. Nelda's commitment to excellence shines through, making her an invaluable founding partner with a wealth of experiences that enrich the entrepreneurial landscape.Nelda is excited to pair up with Jannette Anderson to support other Maturepreneurs to believe that it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf. Nelda believes she will live well into her 90’s and is not done by a long shot.

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