Refire, Don't Retire!

Join the Maturepreneur Movement.

✓ Are you still committed to making a meaningful impact and income?

✓ Tired of feeling invinsible, undervalues, and overlooked?

✓ Ready to create your future on your terms?

Then you are in the right place! Welcome to the Maturepreneur World—Where age is a benefit. This is the ultimate community for those who are 55+ and #NotDoneByALongshot!

We help you earn, learn, and contribute

for as long as YOU choose.

Does this sound like you?

✓ You’ve invested a lifetime in developing and delivering your expertise. Along the way you’ve made others a LOT of money

✓ You still have a wealth of experience and ideas to explore

✓ You are part of the 65% of older people who cannot afford to retire, or the 35% who choose not to (at least full time)

✓ You have lots to contribute and you’re not ready to spend the next 10, 20, or 30 years watching Netflix.

Why Join Us?

It’s time to stop being invisible and start being invincible. The Maturepreneur Network is here to empower you

with the resources, support, and community you need to either get going, or keep going!

Get Going

  • Perhaps you are just considering what could be next for you…

  • You may have come from a lifetime of employment, so entrepreneurship is foreign territory. Or you’re heading back into the workforce with some trepidation.

  • Maybe you’re just not sure what the dream is now… You’re looking to define your legacy or purpose so that you can live into it. And you need expert guidance, education, and connections with others who’ve been there and done that!

Keep Going

  • You’ve been in business for a while but may want help to pivot, scale, or exit.

  • Perhaps you need to take your business online, or expand your reach through speaking, or some innovative new marketing strategies.

  • Mostly what you want is connections, leads, referrals, partners, collaborators… in short, a community that ‘get’s you’ and supports you!

  • It's not easy staying in the game… but if you are #NotDoneByALongshot then we’ll provide the energy boost you need to keep playing!

What's Included in Your Monthly Membership?

  1. Networking Meetings: Build invaluable connections with like-minded professionals

  2. Mastermind Sessions: Collaborate with peers to overcome challenges and achieve new heights

  3. Education Sessions: Gain insights from expert speakers who bring cutting-edge knowledge and inspiration along with practical, hands-on tips

  4. Group Coaching: These powerful sessions will focus on an aspect of your business and you will be given specific support for whatever stage you are at

Plus, These Power-Packed Benefits:

  • Vendor Discounts: Exclusive deals to help you save on essential products and services

  • Training Discounts: Special rates on top-notch training programs to boost your skills

  • Action Partners: Partner with fellow members for accountability and co-working sessions

  • Private Communication Portal: Stay connected and engaged with our vibrant community via Slack

  • Expert Resources: Tap into a wealth of knowledge from our expert community. You’ll have access to a growing library of current and valuable information

  • Affiliate Program: Earn rewards for referring new members and expanding our network

Additional Benefits for the Founding 50

Be one of the first 50 members to lock in

these exclusive bonus benefits:

  1. Receive a lifetime rate of $49/month. Or pay $449 annually and receive two months free! The membership fees will increase over time to a minimum of $199/month but yours will be $49 forever. Value – Save 50% per year minimum.

  2. A personal acceleration coaching call designed to give you quick wins, individual support, and guidance on how to get the most value from your membership. Value $250

  3. A quarterly 1/2 day strategic planning workshop: Prosperity Planning - Review. Revise. Recommit. Value $149 x 4

  4. When you pay annually, you receive a powerful additional bonus:

    A complimentary “What’s My Why?” session with Jannette Anderson. This coaching session is a deep dive into your purpose, how to articulate it, and how to monetize it. Value $500

Empowerment Through Community!

Harness the power of collective experience. Our community allows you to leverage the knowledge of others, engage in cooperative problem-solving, and make impactful business decisions that save you substantial time and money.

Join Today to Transform All of Your Tomorrows!

Your Weekly Power-packed Sessions – Join us for any, or all, of them:

Each live session is your opportunity to meet and network with other committed community members, interact with experts, ask questions, share your insights and expertise, and be inspired and encouraged on your journey!

All sessions are optional—and the more you engage and apply what you learn, the more value you will create for yourself and others!

  • First Monday ea. Month: Mastery Monday – Structured intention setting for the month. These goal setting and focus sessions provide clarity and accountability. Both are valuable for increasing your results. 9 – 10 am MDT / 11 – 12 EST.

  • All meetings held at 12 – 1 pm MDT / 2 – 3 EST. As demand requires we will add additional sessions—likely on weekday evenings.

  • Week One: Productive Networking – Forge powerful connections an- collaborate with peers who share your drive. Learn how to network in a new way as you build connections, partnerships, and friendships!

  • Week Two: Expert Education – Stay ahead with insights from industry leaders and continuous learning. Each deep dive session gives you specific practical tips that you can apply right now. All of these trainings will be recorded but attend live to ask your questions.

  • Week Three: Mastermind Meeting – Overcome obstacles and unlock new opportunities through collective wisdom. These inspiring and super-helpful facilitated brainstorming sessions fill your cup and your coffers! Not recorded so that confidentiality can be maintained.

  • Week Four: Bonus Sessions – Based on where the group is at, Jannette will provide a hands-on workshop, bring in a specialist, or provide targeted group coaching to help you get the most value possible. Recorded and full of great tips.

All sessions are conducted on Zoom and are one hour.

The Expert Education and Bonus Sessions will be recorded and available to all members.

The Networking and Mastermind DividerMeetings are not recorded.

Why You Want to be Part of This Community

Imagine stepping out of the shadows and into a future where you are valued and visible.

The Maturepreneurs Network offers you:

  • Income Building Support: Are you creating a side-hustle, expanding your legacy business or project, launching a non-profit, or becoming an entrepreneur for the first time? If so, you’ll access the encouragement and expertise you need to accelerate your results so you can live life on your own terms!

  • Continued Growth: Use your hard-earned skills and experience to make a significant impact. You, and your wisdom, matter. It’s never too late to make a difference if you are on this side of the dirt!

  • Unmatched Encouragement: Be part of a community that supports, challenges, and inspires each other every day!

  • A Voice: Together we will shatter stereotypes and redefine what it means to age, sage, and live at this stage! It’s time to define success our way!

Loneliness and isolation are dream killers.

Community, connections, and collaboration are dream pillars!

Lock in Your Lifetime Rate: $49/Month for Founding 50 Members

Or Pay Annually: $499 (Receive Two Months Free)

Why Settle for reTiring When You Could Be reFiring?!


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Over 45 bracket control of nation's wealth & account

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